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This website (http://www.kfms8822.com) the ownership and operation belong to Leyifan Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Leyifan"), and Leyifan hereby sets out the following "Leyifan Terms of Service" (hereinafter referred to as "the Terms") in relation to use of the overseas forwarding service to members (hereafter referred to as "the Service"). Leyifan has rights to publicize and publish individual terms, adds statements to terms (hereafter referred to as “individual terms”). Individual terms shall be regarded as an integral part of the Terms. In the event of conflict between the Terms and any individual terms, the individual terms shall take precedence. Once you click on the "confirm" button, you are agreeing to these terms. Please read them carefully, if you do not agree with the terms, you can take the initiative to cancel the service provided by Leyifan.

Article 1: Contents of the Service

1. The Service is an intermediary delivery service whereby products purchased by a member from domestic retailers in Japan, either online or by mail order, are sent to Leyifan and then Leyifan ship them to the member.

2. The members using the service shall be deemed to authorize Leyifan to sign for the packages in their name. The packages ownership shall be transferred to members since sign for it.

3. After purchase the goods, the member should immediately inform Leyifan of the information about forwarding the goods. The service that the member may choose should be limited to the range of Leyifan, and may not use the service beyond the range.

4. Leyifan has the right to choose the carriers who provide the service unless there is intentional or gross negligence, Leyifan does not assume any responsibility of the damage caused by the choices.

Article 2: Membership

1. Members refer to those who submit the membership application on the basis of agreement to abide the terms after getting Leyifan approval to be a member.

2. Member should be adults and have full capacity for civil conduct. If you are under 18 years of age, you may use the service only with the participation of your parents or guardians.

3. Members may not allow any third party to use their member ID or password, lend, transfer, sell or pledge their member ID or password to a third party or engage in any form of equivalent conduct.

4. Members shall be liable for any losses or damage resulting from the inadequate management, inappropriate usage or third party usage of their member ID and password or any form of equivalent conduct.

5. In the event that a member ID or password has been divulged to a third party or there is a risk of a member ID or password being used by a third party, the relevant member shall inform Leyifan immediately and proceed to stop the service, Leyifan will be processed within a reasonable period and will not be responsible for the consequences that have been incurred before taking any action.

Article 3: Service charges and payment

1. Charges for using the Service are as indicated on the service price list. Leyifan has the right to revise the service price with no prior notice. The product weights used as standard for the price list are based on measurements taken by Leyifan.

2. Members shall be liable for any other charges incurred in relation to shipping from Leyifan to the member, including customs and shipping charges for other parts of the journey. Leyifan is under no obligation to pay additional expenses on behalf of any member.

3. Members shall make payment of all service charges as instructed no later than the date specified by Leyifan.

4. Leyifan provides members free warehousing service for 30 days, and charges warehouse fee for more than 30 days. If not satisfying with the regulations required by Leyifan for more than 4 months, members shall be regarded as abandoning the goods and authorizing Leyifan the right to dispose. Leyifan accepts no liability for any loss caused by this case and will not return all expense received from members.

Article 4: Inspections

1. Leyifan has the right to inspect the goods however is under no obligation to carry out such inspections. Inspection results do not represent a guarantee with regard to the quality of the relevant product, the presence or absence of defects, authenticity or the occurrence of any violation of applicable legislation in the country of origin, destination or intermediate countries.

2. In the event that an inspection brings to light any items that are in violation of applicable legislation in the country of origin, destination or intermediate countries, Leyifan may take actions such as notifying the police or other government agency or submitting the items to assist investigation. Members shall make commitments to the above articles and raise no objections.

3. Leyifan shall accept no liability for any losses or damage sustained by the member as a result of product inspections or any other actions stipulated in this article.

Article 5: Products excluded from the forwarding service

1. Members shall not use the Service for any of the following products.

(1) Cash, checks, bills, stocks or other securities;

(2) Credit cards, ATM cards or other cards, savings/deposit books or withdrawal cards issued by a financial institution;

(3) Items without a clearly visible company name or written indication that are addressed to the company;

(4) Live animals or plants, dead animals or stuffed animals (specimens)

(5) Human bodies, human body parts, dead bodies, human remains or mortuary tablets;

(6) Food, drink or other items susceptible to deterioration in quality or decomposition;

(7) Stimulants, cannabis, narcotics, psychotropic substances or any other illegal drugs;

(8) Guns, swords or other weaponry, gun powder or other explosives, poisons or other deleterious substances;

(9) Child pornography, adult videos or other materials of an obscene nature

(10) Any items obtained through illegal, fraudulent, unjust or otherwise dishonest means or methods;

(11) Any other items not authorized under the carrier's terms of shipping;

(12) Items that are prohibited to transport, export and import are prohibited or restricted in accordance with the law of the country of origin, destination or intermediate countries.

(13) Any other items deemed to be inappropriate by Leyifan.

2. If Leyifan is claimed by the customs or a third party for forwarding the goods you have purchased, and you should compensate for all losses caused by this.

Article 6: Prohibited conduct

1. Members shall not engage in any of the following forms of conduct when using the Service.

(1) Using the Service for unauthorized purposes;

(2) Repeated or malicious registration multiple accounts;

(3) There are subscriptions to virtual services using Leyifan warehouse address, such as using Leyifan address to apply for credit cards, telephone numbers and so on;

(4) Infringing upon intellectual property rights (trademark rights, copyrights, design rights, patent rights, etc.), portrait rights, publicity rights or any other rights belonging to Leyifan or a third party;

(5) Engaging in fraud or other criminal activities;

(6) Imposter a third party in order to use the Service;

(7) Using facilities belonging to Leyifan or a third party without authorization or otherwise impeding the running;

(8) Breaking the law, regulation, violating the Terms or causing offense to public order and morals;

(9) Interfering with the running of the Service;

(10) Engaging in any other form of conduct deemed inappropriate by Leyifan.

2. If members violate the above rules, Leyifan has the right to take any one or more of the following measures without your consent.

(1) Freeze Leyifan account;

(2) Suspend or terminate using the Service;

(3) Temporarily withhold one or more of products.

3. In the event that Leyifan sustains any losses or damage as a result of a member violating the Terms or individual terms, Leyifan may claim compensation against the relevant member accordingly. And If involve offenses, Leyifan has the right to transfer to the relevant departments.

Article 7: Limitation of liability

Members give Leyifan permission to conclude the contract of carriage on their behalf. Member shall know and agree that, since we are not a shipping company, we are not responsible for any claims as a result of delay, damage or loss of goods when delivered. But Leyifan will make every effort to assist the members in claiming.

Article 8: Refusal to provide the Service

If any of the following grounds are applicable or are suspected to be applicable, Leyifan may refuse to provide the Service, even if the Service has already been accepted.

(1) If the product concerned is listed under Article 5

(2) If it is not possible to verify the member's address or the destination address

(3) If the member has rejected the goods

(4) If the purchase was made using payment methods Leyifan cannot accept such as cash on delivery

(5) If the goods is seized by customs

(6) If the member fails to make payment of service charges

(7) If the member has broken the Terms

(8) If the product details provided by the member do not match the product received by Leyifan

(9) If the provision of the Service is deemed to be inappropriate by the Company for any other reason.

Article 9: The right of lien

Please be kindly notified that if the member don't pay for the rates (include service fees, overdue storage fee, tax, etc.), or violate the Terms, Leyifan may suffer losses and damages, Leyifan has the right to keep the goods to make up for the losses and damages. If the members have not resolved the issue within the time specified by Leyifan, Leyifan has the right to dispose of your goods by auction, sale, etc. The proceeds from the disposal of the goods are used to pay off the losses, If the above proceeds is not enough to make up for losses and damages, Leyifan has the right to require to make up by other means, the members have no objection to it. When disposing of the goods according to the Terms, Leyifan will not assume any responsibility even if the members suffer losses.

Article 10: Identity verification

1. When using the Service, Leyifan shall require to provide identity information (including full name, gender, address, telephone number, zip code, ID number, email address, etc.) or upload an image of ID card for membership registration, customs clearance, delivery , data analysis related to the service.

2. You are sure, agree and authorize Leyifan to collect the identity information in the above range. And agree that Leyifan could share the information with associated companies and partners which responsible for customs declaration, shipping and other services.

3. In order to assess your the transaction, you agree and authorize Leyifan to use your name and ID number to contact the relevant credit agencies for identity verification.

Article 11: Privacy policy

Leyifan respect the members' privacy, and strictly abide by the provisions of laws and regulations. "Privacy policy of Leyifan" read more>>

Article 12: Changes to or the suspension of the Service

Leyifan may make changes to the contents or suspend the Service with no prior notice. The Company shall accept no liability for any disadvantages experienced, losses, or damage sustained by the member as a result of such changes or suspension.

Article 13: Interruptions to or the suspension of the Service

1. If any of the following grounds are applicable, Leyifan may interrupt or suspend all or part of the Service with no prior notice to members.

(1) If equipment or systems used for the provision of the Service are undergoing regular check, maintenance or upgrade system/ facility for the Service.

(2) If hacker and virus attack, telecommunications and mobile phone operators adjust the techniques or policies.

(3) If it is unfeasible to provide the Service due to a fire, power failure, natural disaster, system failure or other such factor

(4) If telecommunications carriers are failing to provide essential services

(5) If Leyifan deems it necessary to interrupt or suspend the Service for any other reason

2. Leyifan shall accept no liability whatsoever for any losses or damage sustained by members as a result of interruptions to or the suspension of the provision of the Service.

Article 14: Modifiability and divisibility of the Terms

1. Leyifan has the right to amend the Terms from time to time or formulate various provisions. Any new contents that make the Service expanded or enhanced are subject to the Terms. As soon as the modified terms and conditions have been announced online, they will come into force. If members continue to use the Service, it means they would accept the Terms. If do not agree with the changes, members must stop using the Service.

2. If any one of the Terms is deemed invalid or unenforceable for any reason, the Terms shall be deemed divisible and not affect the validity and enforceability of other provisions.

Article 15: Governing law and jurisdictional court

1. The Terms shall be subject to Japanese law

2. In the event of any dispute regarding the Terms or individual terms, the district court where Leyifan is located is the exclusive jurisdiction court of first instance.

Last modified: December 1, 2017