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How to Complete Identity Verification?

Release time: 2018-11-07 16:05:30

Who are you? Where are you living? In order to ensure that you can receive your goods smoothly, at the same time, according to Japanese regulations "Act on Prevention of Transfer of Criminal Proceeds", the identity and address verification is required of all users before using kfms8822.com forwarding service. Hope your kindly understanding.

Step One: Enter shipping address and verify identity

 1. First of all, please enter your shipping address( the recipient name and address). And it would be best that your package is signed for by yourself.

 2. And then, upload photos of your identity documents (Make sure that the name on the identity documents is aligned with the recipient name).

Valid Documents for Verifying Identity:

√ Passport     

√ Driving license

√ National ID

√ Other official certification documents

Step Two: Verify shipping address

 1. If the shipping address is same as what printed in your ID card, you can skip this step.

 2. If not, you have to upload a copy of documents which can prove you actually live there. (Such as utility bill, credit card statement, house rental agreement)

Valid Documents for Verifying Identity:

√ Utility bill     

√ Credit card statement

√ House rental agreement

√ Other address documents can prove you live there

Step Three: Use Leyifan forwarding service after the manual auditing passed

 1. Once upon the identity and address documents are submitted, our staff will audit them as soon as possible. And we will email you the auditing results.

 2. When your first experience of forwarding on kfms8822.com, you need to forward your package to your verified shipping address, so that we could make sure that you actually live there. In this case, you can add other new addresses ( 20 addresses at most)  without verification.

* Ensure your identity information secured

Leyifan commits to protect the information our customers provide. And we have taken appropriate physical and management measures to protect it from unauthorized access of a third party. When personal information is provided (important registration data),  it is encrypted using the industry standard encryption method called SSL ( Secure Sockets Layer ) to prevent the loss, destruction, alteration, leakage and infection of personal information by establishing a firewall, developing antivirus measures, and taking other action.