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Alcoholic Beverages Delivery

Release time: 2018-10-29 18:01:21

The Japan Post has announced that they would no longer deliver alcoholic beverages above 24% ABV from March, 2018.

We have listed a series of products for you to avoid causing your losses.

Alcoholic can be shipped overseas:


Wine (Red wine)

Shochu (under 24% ABV)

Awamori (under 24% ABV)

Sake (under24% ABV)

Please add "under 24% ABV" when you enter the declared value for the alcoholic.


Alcoholic cannot be shipped overseas:






Shochu (above 24% ABV)

Awamori (above 24% ABV)

Sake (above 24% ABV)

And other spirits

If you have purchased this kind of alcoholic, please contact the customer service support@kfms8822.com to return the alcoholic.

If you are not sure what kind of alcohol and its alcohol concentration, it is recommended to consult the seller before shopping.